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Comprehensive Psychological Services, PC is a Primary Provider to the NYC DOE for Psychological Assessments, Owned and Operated by a Psychologist

Comprehensive Psychological Services specializes in providing Psychoeducational and Neuropsychoeducational evaluations, as well as therapy, to NYCDOE school-aged students throughout the NYC Metropolitan Area.

State-of-the-art administrative support
Competitive Rates and Direct Deposit
Opportunities for professional advancement
Flexible Schedules

About Comprehensive Psychological Services®

Comprehensive Psychological Services, PC was originally created in 1985 to assist health care and educational professionals in maximizing the potential abilities of those they serve. Since then we have successfully expanded into a wide range of fields, bringing innovation and a drive for excellence to each one.


Comprehensive Psychological Services, PC is part of the Comprehensive Network®, an umbrella organization for diverse health care and educational resources, managing a myriad of professional services for the New York City community. Our clients include the New York City Department of Education, several Florida Departments of Education, and numerous preschools, private schools, early intervention programs, hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as home care, and private organizations and governmental agencies. We match Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, social workers, CFYs, Registered Nurses, Special Education Teachers, Translators and Interpreters, and Sign Language Interpreters with opportunities that apply their respective skills and fit into their respective schedules.


Comprehensive Network®, Inc. is approved by the following organizations as a sponsor of continuing education activities for CEUs or contact hours: American Psychological Association for Psychologists, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf - RID CMP/ACET, and American Occupational Therapy Association. Comprehensive Network® also co-sponsors approved CEU activity with other recognized organizations for each respective professional discipline.


Clients and health care professionals may recognize us by the names of our various divisions - agencies who either joined or were developed by us to address the diverse needs of our multi-lingual and multi-faceted community.

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